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Media captionFinsbury Park flooding

Residents in north London are facing a flood a meter deep after a large water mains burst causing some people to leave their homes.

A “river” of water has flooded properties on Queens Drive and Princess Crescent in Finsbury Park, closing a a local primary school.

Postcode areas N1, N4, N5, N7 and N19 have either no water or low water pressure, Thames Water said.

Traffic and pedestrians have been advised to avoid the area.

The water company said its engineers are, “doing everything they can to get things up and running as quickly as possible.”

It has apologised to customers but so far had not managed to turn off water from the burst pipe, a spokesman said, adding “it was a complicated process”.

Matthew who lives in a first-floor flat on Queens Drive woke up to the river outside his home and quickly alerted the occupants living in the basement property.

They have now been given temporary stay in another flat, said Matthew, who has a week-old baby.

He said he is worried about not having any water.

“I’m concerned about hygiene and although my wife is breast-feeding she needs to drink,” he said.

Cars can be seen stranded with water levels up to their wheel rims.

Parkwood Primary and Nursery schools have been shut as a result of the flood.

Thames Water is hoping to stop the water flowing from the burst pipe and reconnect customers by midday.

As well as fire officers checking basement flats, loss adjusters from Thames Water are on hand to provide help to residents who may now need somewhere to stay.

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